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Student Focus

Henry Moses '25 Visits Esteban Jefferson Exhibition in London
Written by Henry Moses

I was able to travel to London during winter break to catch the show I am writing my Junior Paper about: Esteban Jefferson's May 25, 2020.  Seeing the works in person has completely changed the course of my research, and I’m excited to continue thinking about the problematics they bring about.

Christopher Wilson ’21: From A&A to Archaeology for Environmental Projects

Wilson came to Princeton “as a nervous military veteran” of the United States Marine Corps before discovering his love for archaeology. Today, he is a Registered Professional Archaeologist (RPA) serving as Director of Cultural Resources at ELOS Environmental.

Upcoming Events

Ulises Carrión: Bookworks and Beyond
Princeton University Library (PUL) Exhibition ∙ February 21, 2024 through June 13, 2024
Feb 21, 2024
Paul Chan: "Ars::longa"
Graduate Program in Media + Modernity
Feb 27, 2024, 5:00 pm