Climate and Inclusion


Climate and Inclusion Working Group


In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and social justice activism around the globe, the Department of Art & Archaeology has undertaken an initiative to assess the climate of the department and recommend best practices for ensuring equity, diversity, and inclusiveness.  Working group members will meet three to five times per year.  The current members are:

Daniel Bracho, A&A undergraduate major

Elise Chagas, A&A graduate student

Rachael DeLue, A&A faculty

Hal Foster, A&A faculty

Madeleine Haddon, A&A graduate student

Beatrice Kitzinger, A&A faculty

Joanna Kovac, A&A undergraduate coordinator

Vic Panata, A&A undergraduate major

Irene Small, A&A faculty


Staff Reading Group


 How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X Kendi