Application Process

The graduate program in the Department of Art and Archaeology usually has an enrollment period of FIVE years.  The actual time to degree is normally somewhat longer.   

The graduate program is for Ph.D. candidates only.  The M.A. degree is incidental and cannot be applied for separately.

The program in art history is small, with about 9-12 students entering each year.  There are about thirty-five students in residence at one time.  The seminars are small with enrollment of approximately three to ten students.  All graduate students have individual carrels in Marquand Library, one of the outstanding art research libraries in the world.  In the same building are the Art Museum, the Index of Medieval Art, and the research photograph collection. 


Application Deadline Dates & Fees for Fall 2024–25 are as follows: Application deadline is December 1, 2023. Deadlines are for the receipt of applications and all supporting material for the 2024–25 academic year for all applicants. The application fee for 2024–25 is $75.

Although an undergraduate major in art history will be helpful, it is not a requirement.  GRE score submission is now optional.  An advanced placement examination in art history is not given.  A writing sample of 25 pages is required when applying to our program.

If you have specific questions, email Barbara Mooring

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