Program in Archaeology


The Program in Archaeology provides students with an interdisciplinary foundation in archaeology—the study of the material remains of the past—and equips students to use archaeological evidence in other fields of inquiry. The Program offers courses that cover many cultures and periods, including Egypt, the Near East, Greece, Rome, and the Americas. It encourages a deep integration of the humanities and the sciences, and promotes the awareness of issues of cultural heritage.

The program is open to all majors who have taken any one of the courses offered by the program. Students should apply to the program during their sophomore year.

Graduate Program information


The Program in Archaeology has funds to support students in the Program who are engaged during the summer in unpaid internships in not-for-profit institutions (such as museums, government arts organizations, or public school arts programs) that relate to the field of archaeology. In order to satisfy the Program’s “fieldwork requirement,” the internship must be approved by the Director of the Program in Archaeology and entail 100 hours of work. These awards are given based on the student’s previous performance in the Program; the benefits that the student would gain from the internship; and the quality of the internship. Priority will be given to first-time recipients. The award can be used for room, board, and transportation and will consist of a fixed stipend with a maximum amount of $4000. (In some cases the award may not cover the entirety of living expenses during the internship.) The amount of the award will be determined by the length of the internship and the anticipated costs of transportation and living expenses. In the summer of 2023, $1500 / month will be granted for the performance of at-home internships that last a minimum of 100 hours / month, for a maximum of two months. Sophomores enrolled in the certificate in the spring and junior majors are eligible. In exceptional circumstances, freshmen who have taken courses in the Program are eligible. To apply, students must present proof of having received the internship (a letter from a supervisor or sponsoring institution); a copy of the undergraduate transcript; and the anticipated costs of transportation and living expenses. The application deadline for summer 2023 awards is April 28, 2023. Upon completion of the project, the student and the supervisor are expected to submit reports to the Program.

Applying to the Program

To declare your participation in the Program in Archaeology, submit the Program in Archaeology Application.