Research Photographs

research photos

Research Photographs, part of the Visual Resources Collection, is a collection of photographs, negatives, and other documentation which forms an invaluable resource for researchers from the University community and around the world. Research Photographs holds primary source materials relating to expeditions and excavations conducted by Princeton University for more than one hundred years, including the 1932–39 excavations at Antioch.

The archive reflects the particular interests of department scholars, art-historical research by various members of the faculty, and general acquisitions made throughout the department’s history. One such collection is the late Professor Kurt Weitzmann’s study photographs of medieval manuscripts from many collections, as well as the images of the icons in the Monastery of Saint Catherine at Sinai photographed during the Princeton-Michigan expeditions to Sinai. Study collections include architectural photographs by Wayne Andrews and James Austin, the A. Sheldon Pennoyer Collection documenting the damage and restoration of artistic works in Italy after World War II, and the Lo Archive of photographs of the Buddhist cave temples in Dunhuang, China. Materials from the collection are highlighted in exhibitions mounted in McCormick Hall and then made available online.