A&A Class of 2024

2024 Class Day

Meet Our Graduates

Congratulations to the Class of 2024! Learn about our graduates in the 2024 Class Day Program and in the features of those who opted to participate below....

Gabriel Chalick

In the summers and this past spring break I traveled abroad; I’m especially grateful for being able to be a part of Professor Arrington’s dig at Molyvoti in Greece. 

Alex Chauncey-Heine

I decided to pursue this certificate because of my grandfather, who is a retired archeologist. He has really inspired me and encouraged my interest in history and archeology.

Daniel Drake

I think my greatest triumph was continuing to write/perform despite some failure. I didn’t let that define me and I kept trying. 

Evan Haley

I thrive best when I am sharing ideas and creating in parallel with my artist, musician, actor, and designer friends, and I want to continue fostering those kinds of working relationships to cement a place in my generation’s claim to the milieu of creative expression.

Lucia Heminway

Princeton has taught me the importance of leaning into challenges and welcoming new opportunities. 

Natali Kim

Though it is cliché, writing and completing the thesis is one of the most gratifying parts of the Princeton experience.

Noah Kreike-Martin

I am interested in continuing to pursue my interest in archaeology with a focus on cultural heritage and property law. 

Emma Mohrmann

I learned that art takes time. It requires a balance of thinking, but also intuition, and to trust my gut and probably overthink less. Also, sometimes you just have to make things and the things you make will start to tell you what they want to be.  

Cary Moore

There’s love in hard work. Hard work is also really hard. 

Kapili Naehu-Ramos

My mom has been my anchor, and has always pushed me to do the best I can. She really made sure that I could be involved in opportunities to be an artist and grow. 

Lauren Olson

I don’t like the idea of perfect happiness. The struggles are what make the good times good.

Drew Pugliese

I want to keep writing and devote time to making art. I also want to get involved in gay/queer activism wherever I'm living. 

Audrey Royall

Take advantage of all of the travel opportunities possible! 

Autumn Shelton

Explore. Explore. Explore. There are so many different opportunities and possibilities to do in a lifetime - don't limit yourself to just one area. 

Magnolia Wilkinson

It’s okay to be a little less afraid. You’re not going to mess everything up. It’s okay to make changes that you didn’t think you would, or could, make.