Declaring a Major

Students interested in majoring in the Department of Art and Archaeology must choose one of two tracks. Each track has its own specific course requirements for admission. 

History of Art Track

A concentration in art history that demands broad exposure to the visual arts produced in different time periods and cultures. Prerequisites: two courses in the Department of Art and Archaeology.

Practice of Art Track

A concentration combining art history with studio art that culminates in a senior thesis exhibition. Prerequisites: By the end of the sophomore year, students intending to major in the Practice of Art should have completed one course in the Department of Art and Archaeology and two studio courses in the Program in Visual Arts.  On the first Wednesday following spring break, sophomores submit an application and a portfolio of creative work to the Lewis Center for the Arts administrative office. The admissions committee for the Program in Visual Arts will notify students accepted into the program by early April. 

Any questions about declaring the major should be directed to Professor Beatrice Kitzinger, Director of Undergraduate Studies.

How to Declare a Major

Program in Archaeology Certificate

To declare your participation in the Program in Archaeology please complete the Program in Archaeology Application.