Program in Archaeology



The Program in Archaeology provides students with an interdisciplinary foundation in archaeology—the study of the material remains of the past—and equips students to use archaeological evidence in other fields of inquiry. The Program offers courses that cover many cultures and periods, including Egypt, the Near East, Greece, Rome, and the Americas. It encourages a deep integration of the humanities and the sciences, and promotes the awareness of issues of cultural heritage.

The program is open to all majors who have taken any one of the courses offered by the program. Students should apply to the program during their sophomore year. 

Course of Study

  • Two core courses: ART 100 (Meanings in the Visual Arts) and ART 401 (Introduction to Archaeology)
  • Fieldwork: ART 304 (Archaeology in the Field) or its equivalent.  “Fieldwork” is not limited to excavation. Sustained engagement in any aspect of an archaeological project fulfills the obligation. Students may, for example, work in archaeological archives or intern for a zoologist. The program can provide financial support for fieldwork.
  • A further three courses: at least one must be offered in the Department of Art and Archaeology in the ancient area, and at least one must be a course outside of the Department of Art and Archaeology.
  • Independent research: 1) a senior thesis with an archaeological component; 2) a junior paper on an archaeological topic; 3) or a 25-page research paper on an archaeological topic.

Fall 2018 Courses


ART 100 Intro to History of Art: Visual Arts

ART 232 / NES 232 The Arts of the Islamic World

ART / CLA / NES 296 The Foundations of Civilization

ANT 422  Death, Aging and Mortality:  Cultural and Biosocial Perspectives

ART / AAS / AFS 473 Kongo Art

CLA /HLS / PAW 548 Problems in Ancient History – Numismatics

GEO / ENV / STC 102 Climate: Past, Present, and Future

GEO/ ENE 203 Fundamentals of Solid Earth Science

GEO / ENV 362 Earth History

GEO 365 Evolution and Catastrophes

GEO 378 / MSE 348 Mineralogy

HUM 450 / ART 405 Battle of Princeton in Space and Time

Spring 2018 Courses


ANT 206  Human Evolution

ART 103 / LAS 215 / ANT 233 Art of the Americas: The First 5,000 Years

ART 289 / CLA 289  Art and Archaeology in Cleopatra’s Multicultural Egypt

ART 365 / LAS 370 / ANT 365 Olmec Art

ART 367 / ART 373 / ANT 379 Inca Art and Architecture

ART 401  Introduction to Archaeology

ART 409 / REL 409 The Archaeology of Jerusalem

GEO 370  Sedimentology

HIS 476 / MED 476 -- The Vikings: History and Archaeology

Spring 2017 Courses


ART 100 Introduction to the History of Art

ANT 201 Introduction to Anthropology

ART 204 Greek Archaeology: The Classical Period

ANT 300 Ethnography, Evidence and Experience

ANT 390 History of Anthropological Theory

ART 419/LAS 399 Theory, History, and Practice of Textile: The Andes

ANT 445 The Anthropology of Ruins

GEO / ENV / STC 102 Climate: Past, Present, and Future

GEO/ ENE 203 Fundamentals of Solid Earth Science