Programs of Study

History of Art Track

The History of Art Track explores the history of art in connection with a general program of humanistic education. It demands broad exposure to the visual arts produced in different time periods and cultures and trains majors to understand works of art as intimately related to the historical, intellectual, social, and political fabrics of which they were a part. Students in the History of Art Track are encouraged to explore a range of media including architecture, painting, sculpture, photography, film, and new media.

History of Art

Practice of Art Track

Concentrators in the Practice of Art Track explore the traditions, thought processes, and methods of making visual art in connection with a general program of humanistic education. Courses are offered in painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, film and video production, and film history and theory.

Practice of Art

Certificate in Archaeology

The Program in Archaeology is designed to provide students with an interdisciplinary foundation in archaeology—the study of the material remains of the past—and to equip students to use archaeological evidence in other fields of inquiry. The Program offers courses that cover many cultures and periods, including Egypt, the Near East, Greece, Rome, and the Americas. It encourages a deep integration of the humanities and the sciences, and promotes the awareness of issues of cultural heritage.

Certificate Requirements

Archaeology Workshop

Certificate in Visual Arts

A certificate of proficiency in the visual arts is awarded to students who successfully complete a substantial program of studio work while majoring in another academic department. Sophomores interested in a certificate in visual arts should submit a portfolio to the Lewis Center for the Arts administrative office by the first weekend following spring break. The admissions committee will notify students accepted into the program by early April. Normally students must complete at least one visual arts studio course before being admitted to the program. One course in the Department of Art and Archaeology is also recommended.

Certificate in Visual Arts