Senior Independent Work

The senior thesis represents the most sophisticated original research and writing that you will undertake as an undergraduate at Princeton. In many cases, the area and topic that you select will influence the direction of your future professional career, and the relationship that you establish with your thesis adviser will be important for your admission to graduate and professional school and job placement. Even if you do not pursue a career in art history or archaeology, the skills that you develop in producing a thesis will be immensely useful in writing reports, evaluating data, problem solving, making policy evaluations, and so forth.

Independent Work offers advice regarding your thesis including picking a title, working with an adviser, and formatting the paper.

Senior Theses and Portfolios

Independent work including History of Art Theses and Practice of Art Portfolios

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"A PHENOMENAL PRESENCE THAT IS UNEQUIVOCALLY BLACK AND BEAUTIFUL": Redefining Beauty Through the Art of Kerry James Marshall
"Full of Company": The Cultivation of Social Identity and Structure in Thomas Gainsborough’s The Mall in St. James’s Park
"Pittore del Paradiso": Cultural Meanings of Whiteness in The Late Manner of Guido Reni
The "Private" Performance: Giovanni Boldini and Artistic Spaces
"The Camera Speaks": Aaron Siskind, The Feature Group, and the Production of the Harlem Document
"The Devil Wears Dada": Commentary on Fashion and the Fashion System in Dada
"The Fire and Vapour of Flame Within": Pozzolana from the Campi Flegrei in Roman Maritime Concrete
"To be Great is to be Misunderstood": Reframing Gwen John's Portraits of Women from 1900–1914
"Where the Universe Sings": An Assessment of Lawren Harris's Nationalism and Spirituality in His Art
(Mis)Understanding Hannah Wilke
“objects w/feelings” with Simon Wu
“Tell Them Everything”: Three Women Artists and the Northern Irish Conflict
“That Perfect Girl is Gone”: Walt Disney Studios’ Post-Princess Era and the Evolving Representation of Animated Disney Heroines
“The Bookkeeper-Magician”: Paul Klee and his Catalogue Raisonné
“There is Nothing New Except in Recollection”: * How Kiefer’s Searing Holocaust Reflections in his Palazzo Ducale Installation Reinterpret Venetian History
“VROOM. VROOM.” - A Short Film Production Plan

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