Department Directory

Department of Art and Archaeology
Princeton University
3S-2 Green Hall
Princeton, NJ 08544
Main fax: (609) 258-0103


Rachael Z. DeLue
3S-19 Green Hall
(609) 258-3774
[email protected]

Director of Graduate Studies
Carolyn Yerkes
3S-4 Green Hall
(609) 258-8378
[email protected]

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Beatrice Kitzinger
2S-7 Green Hall
(609) 258-1516
[email protected]


Administrative Staff

Manager, Finance and Administration
Maureen Killeen
3S-17 Green Hall
(609) 258-3772
[email protected]

Graduate Administrator
Gina Migliaccio
3S-5 Green Hall
(609) 258-5678
[email protected]

Events Coordinator
Mo Chen
3S-16 Green Hall
(609) 258-7420
[email protected]

Assistant to the Chair
Stacey Bonette
3S-16 Green Hall
(609) 258-3781
[email protected]

Undergraduate Coordinator
Jonathan Finnerty
3S-18 Green Hall
(609) 258-3782
[email protected]

Department Computer Support
Julie Angarone
2N-2 Green Hall
(609) 258-5864
[email protected]



Marquand Library

Head Librarian
Holly Hatheway
(609) 258-5860
[email protected]

Assistant Librarian
Rebecca Friedman
(609) 258-3163
[email protected]

Nicky Shilliam, Kim Wishart &
Nicole Fabricand-Person
(609) 258-0735


Princeton University Art Museum

Museum Assistant
Corinna Storino
(609) 258-1860
[email protected]

Visual Resources

Julia Gearhart
2N-4 Green Hall
(609) 258-3776
[email protected]

Tang Center for East Asian Art

Deputy Director
Dora C. Y. Ching
2N-3 Green Hall
(609) 258-3795
[email protected]

Index of Medieval Art

Director, Index of Medieval Art
Pamela A. Patton
2C-5 Green Hall
(609) 258-6363
[email protected]