Graduate Courses

ART 500

Proseminar in the History of Art

Hal Foster

A course concerned both with the theoretical foundations of Western art history as a modern discipline and with the methodological innovations of the last few decades.

ART 529
ART 529CLA 528 ∙ AAS 529

Ancient Egyptian Kingship in Image, Architecture & Performance

Deborah Vischak

The institution of kingship was central to the ancient Egyptian worldview. Kings and their administrations sought to express the complex nature of a strong leader with access to the gods and secret knowledge, exceptional skill as a warrior and diplomat, and unrivaled power over and sacrifice to his people by using both mystery and overwhelming display. In this seminar we consider the nature of Egyptian kingship and how a vast body of material and visual culture shaped and expressed this essential concept from its origins in the beginning of the 4th millennium to the era of Roman rulers.

ART 545

The Geography of Art: World Art History

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann

This seminar considers the possibilities of global art history: theory, method, and practice. Issues are treated in relation to the historiography and geography of art.

ART 594
ART 594

The Modern History of Axonometry

Yve-Alain Bois

This seminar explores the discontinuous history of axonometric projection in art, architecture, mathematics, and science from the Renaissance to the present day. We consider different uses of axonometry in descriptive geometry, mechanical drawing, and crystallography, and we take up various practitioners such as Auguste Choisy, El Lissizky, Theo Van Doesburg, Le Corbusier, Peter and Alison Smithson, the Minimalists, and the New York Five Architects.