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This book contains a total of seven essays, taking the research approach of "Internet" and "class" to explore the social and cultural phenomena of art from the late Ming to the heyday of Qing. The so-called "network" refers to the connection or contrast formed by different people, groups, regions or fields (such as the palace and civil society)…


This innovative book narrates the history of a single object—a tea-leaf storage jar created in southern China during the 13th or 14th century—and describes how its role changed after it was imported to Japan and passed from owner to owner there. In Japan, where the jar was in constant use for more than seven hundred years, it was transformed…


Chikubushima, a sacred island north of the ancient capital of Kyoto, attracted the attention of Japan’s rulers in the Momoyama period (1568–1615) and became a repository of their art, including a lavishly decorated building dedicated to the worship of Benzaiten. In this meticulous and lucid study, Andrew Watsky keenly illustrates how private…