Branko Glisic



Dr. Glisic focuses on advanced sensing technologies, universal SHM methods, data analysis & management, and prognostics and decision-making theory; smart kinetic, deployable, and adaptable structures; holistic analysis of heritage structures; and engineering and the arts. Dr. Glisic's research includes long-gauge and distributed fiber optic sensors (FOS), 2-D sensing sheets based on large area electronics (LAE), 3-D sensing techniques based on radio-frequency tags (RF-tags), sensors based on conductive polymers, and ground penetrating radar (GPR); numerical, analytical, and model-free techniques based on structural analysis and machine learning for structural and material identification, characterization of unusual behaviors and prediction of structural performance; documentation, integration and visualization using Virtual Tours, Information Modelling, and Augmented Reality (VT/IM/AR). His application domains include concrete, steel, and masonry structures: bridges, buildings, pipelines, coastal protections, historical buildings, monuments, and sites.



Ph.D. Civil Engineering and Engineering, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Lausanne (EPFL), 2000

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Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering