Ya-hwei Hsu  Visiting Associate Professor (spring 2020)

Ya-hwei Hsu Photo

Ya-hwei Hsu

Visiting Associate Professor (spring 2020)Chinese Art History


Ph.D., Yale University, 2010

Ya-hwei Hsu is an associate professor in the Department of History at National Taiwan University. Originally trained as an art historian of the Chinese Bronze Age, she now studies Chinese antiquarian art and collecting culture from the tenth to the fourteenth century. She has published extensively on these subjects in English, Chinese and Japanese. Her works examine the significance of the printed books in mediating images and knowledge across the boundary of the elite and the popular culture, from China to Korea and Japan. Her most recent work combines the Social Network Analysis, one of the Digital Humanities tools, to analyze dynamics of the collectors’ circles in the late eleventh century. Hsu is currently leading a database project Middle Period Chinese Tombs to comprehensively and systematically catalogue the contents of Chinese tombs from the tenth to the fourteenth century.