Hannah Hungerford



Hannah Hungerford is a Ph.D. student focusing on Greek art history and archaeology. Before coming to Princeton, she completed an M.A. in classics at the University of Colorado-Boulder in 2023, an M.A. in classical art and archaeology from King’s College London in 2020, and a B.A. from Barnard College in ancient studies and art history in 2019. Hannah’s research is focused on processes of identity formation in the Classical world as reflected in visual and material culture, specifically in architectural decorative programs and in the display of freestanding sculpture. She is broadly interested in how ancient art uses visuality and materiality to convey narrative and the movement of images through the Mediterranean.

Hannah has excavated at Hadrian’s Villa with Columbia University, in Croatia with the Brač Island Project, in Molyvoti, Thrace with Princeton University, and in Hermopolis Magna, Egypt with the City of the Baboon Project. She has also held internships at the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and the Roman Society at the Institute of Classical Studies in London. Hannah is a McCrindle Intern in the Department of Ancient Art at the Princeton University Art Museum for 2023–2024.

Classical Archaeology
Classical Art