Hannah Yohalem



Hannah Yohalem is a second-year graduate student, studying 20th-century art with a particular focus on the postwar period to the present. Her recent research centers on how issues related to movement, duration, and dance intersect with and illuminate the visual arts in postwar America. 

Yohalem graduated from Harvard University with a B.A. in the history of art and architecture in 2010.  She has experience working in both curatorial and educational museum departments at institutions ranging from the Georgia O’Keeffe Museum in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to the Museum of Modern Art in New York and, most recently, the National Gallery in Washington, DC. At the National Gallery, she interned in the Department of American and British Painting, helping with research for a show of early American Modern art, a project that she plans to continue working on from afar. Yohalem is the co-organizer of the speakers series At Work with Artwork that brings museum professionals to Princeton to talk about their exhibitions and the relationship between academic and museological practice.