Mateusz Falkowski



Mateusz Falkowski received his Ph.D. in history from Princeton in 2023. He is currently working on the book manuscript tentatively titled “Renaissance Humanism and Honest Scholarship in Tridentine Rome (1545–1582).” Before arriving in Princeton, he studied at the University of Warsaw, the University of Edinburgh, and New York University. He holds degrees in history and Arabic.

Selected Publications

“The Limits of Philology: Antonio Agustín and Textual Criticism of Canon Law in Tridentine Europe.” Renaissance Quarterly. 76.4 (2023): 1340–1388.

Fear and Abundance. Reshaping of Royal Forests in Sixteenth-Century Poland and Lithuania.” Environmental History 22.4 (2017): 618–642.

Early Modern Europe
Mediterranean/Ottoman/Middle East
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