Robert Bagley

Professor Emeritus


Robert Bagley studies the art and archaeology of Neolithic and Bronze Age China. His special interests include ancient metal technology, the origins of writing, ancient music theory, the comparative study of ancient civilizations, and a range of topics in the broader discipline of art history, e.g., ornament, and the historiography of art.

Current Research

Professor Bagley is currently working on a book of essays about the historiography of art and on a general history of art in China, Neolithic to Han. He has written a chapter titled “Art, 1400 B.C. to A.D. 900” for volume 4 of the forthcoming Cambridge History of the World.


Ph.D., Harvard University, 1981

Selected Publications

Gombrich among the Egyptians and Other Essays in the History of Art. Seattle: Marquand Books, 2015. 

“Art.” Chapter 8 in Craig Benjamin, ed., The Cambridge History of the World, Volume 4, A World with States, Empires, and Networks, 1200 BCE – 900 CE (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2015), pp. 179-234.

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“Shang Ritual Bronzes: Casting Technique and Vessel Design,” Archives of Asian Art 43 (1990).

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