Sabrina Carletti

Ph.D., 2019


Sabrina Carletti’s artistic and intellectual experiences as a performance artist, immigrant, scholar, teacher, and public servant have shaped her commitment to diversity and to interdisciplinary approaches to the history of art. As a specialist in modern and contemporary Latin American art, Sabrina pursues her research and teaching both within art history and across broader visual and cultural studies; global histories of modernisms and avant-gardes; the history and theory of media; migration studies; and the history and theory of Argentinian literature from the nineteenth century to the present. She is currently adapting her dissertation, “Xul Solar and the Argentinian Avant-Garde: Body, Language, Technology, Sociability” into a book. The book focuses on three key problems of avant-garde culture in Argentina during the first half of the twentieth century: the connection of the Argentinian avant-garde to issues of immigration and cosmopolitanism; its response to the modernization of Argentinian society; and its negotiations with European modernisms. The questions her project proposes provide the means to examine contemporary issues regarding the role of artists in the construction of national identities and in advancing practices of participation. Sabrina teaches in the Department of Visualization at Texas A&M University.