Sharifa Lookman



Sharifa Lookman is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Art and Archaeology, specializing in the art and architecture of early modern Italy. At the core of her work is a concern for the materials and techniques of artistic production. Her research interests include workshop practice and pedagogy, the (inter)materiality of color and form, and the interplay between early modern recipe literature and other forms of period “know-how” (technical treatises, “shop talk,” vernacular literature). These aspects draw upon Lookman’s broader interest in artistic experimentalism of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and bring to the surface questions related to artists’ precocity and error, cross-media collaboration, and their exploratory—even “scientific”—manipulation of material matter.

Lookman received her B.A. in art history from Wesleyan University and her M.A. in Italian Renaissance art from Syracuse University in Florence. Prior to coming to Princeton, she worked as a teaching assistant and lecturer in Florence, Italy.

Baroque Art