Sria Chatterjee

Ph.D., 2019


Sria Chatterjee received her doctorate in November 2019 was awarded the Charlotte Elizabeth Procter Honorific Fellowship. She is currently an Advanced Researcher at the Institute for Experimental Design and Media Cultures at FHNW Basel and Associate Scholar at the Max-Planck Kunsthistorisches Institut, Florenz. She is Contributing Editor at British Art Studies.

She specializes in the political ecologies of art and design from the colonial to the contemporary in South Asia and other formerly colonized regions. Sria is currently completing her first book, which provides close look at the deep links between nationalism, agriculture, and the natural environment through the history of art, design, and media. Her second book project considers the relationships between the arts, climate, health, and colonialism.

She is the founder and project lead of the Visualizing the Virus digital project, which has won several grants and awards. Sria’s research has been generously supported by the Yale Centre for British Art, the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz, Max-Planck-Institut, the Paul Mellon Centre for British Art, the Rockefeller Archive Center, and the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies. She was the Frank J. Mather fellow at Princeton in 2012.

Selected Publications

‘Art, Politics and Plant Sentience’ in Cultural Politics, special issue on Multispecies Justice ed., Danielle Celemajer and Sophie Chao. Forthcoming 2022.

The Arts, Environmental Justice, and the Ecological Crisis: A Provocation’ in British Art Studies, Issue 18. 2020.

‘Intimacy without Mastery: Multispecies Justice and Knowing other Lifeworlds’ in Contemporary Political Theory. Co-written with Astrida Neimanis. 2020.

Postindustrialism and the Long Arts and Crafts Movement: between Britain, India and the United States of America’, British Art Studies, Issue 15. 2020.

'Arts of Science in the Contact Zone' in Reading Objects in the Contact Zone, ed. Eva-Maria Troelenberg et al. (Heidelberg University Publishing, 2021).

Rethinking Midcentury Modern: A View from Postcolonial India’ in Design Struggles: Intersecting Histories, Pedagogies, Perspectives, ed. Claudia Mareis et al. (Valiz, 2021).

‘The Bauhaus’ in Twentieth-century Indian Art, ed. Partha Mitter, Parul Dave Mukherjee, Rakhee Balaram (Thames and Hudson, 2021).

The Long Shadow of Colonial Science, Noema Magazine (2021).