Madeleine Haddon

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Madeleine Haddon



Madeleine Haddon studies late-19th- to early-20th-century Spanish and French painting. Before coming to Princeton, she was the executive assistant to the director of the Center for Curatorial Leadership from 2012 to 2014. She has held curatorial positions at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Yale University Art Gallery, the private collection of Sally and Werner H. Kramarsky, and Galería Murnau in Seville, Spain. Madeleine has also worked at the Studio Museum in Harlem and Vanity Fair, and served as a junior associate of the Museum of Modern Art.

Madeleine received her B.A. in history of art from Yale University. For her thesis on Francisco de Goya’s Los Caprichos she was granted an Andrew W. Mellon Travel Grant to support her research in Madrid. Her thesis was awarded the A. Conger Goodyear Prize by Yale's Department of the History of Art as well as the Yale University Art Gallery.