Sria Chatterjee


Sria Chatterjee



Sria Chatterjee’s research focuses on the relationships between art, ecology and politics in modern South Asia.

Sria holds bachelor’s degrees from Jadavpur University in Kolkata, India and Oxford University, UK. This year, Sria joins at the Paul Mellon Centre in London with a Junior Research Fellowship for Fall 2016. She was the Frank J. Mather fellow at Princeton in 2012 and spent 2013–14 in Florence, Italy, as a fellow of the Max Planck Kunsthistorisches Institut (KHI). She continues to be an associated fellow at the KHI as a part of a part of the research group "Objects in the Contact Zone: The Cross-Cultural Lives of Things L."

With Partha Mitter, Regina Bittner, and Kathrin Rhomberg, Sria curated the exhibition Das Bauhaus in Kalkutta, which was held at the Bauhaus Stiftung in Dessau, Germany, from March through June 31, 2013.


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