Yecheng (Kent) Cao

Cao cropped

Yecheng (Kent) Cao

Chinese Art


Kent is a graduate student in Chinese art and archaeology. He grew up in Shanghai, then went to the U.K. to read A-Levels. He was an undergraduate at University College London and the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he read archaeology and anthropology. In 2011 he received a master of studies degree in archaeology from the University of Oxford. Under Professor Emeritus Robert Bagley’s supervision, he plans to study interregional communication in the Yangtze River area in the Western Zhou.

Current Research

Kent is currently working on the visual evolution of  the “devouring handles” of bronze vessels and is preparing for his general examinations, in January 2015.


“Are Social Evolutionary Stages Still Useful Constructs for Archaeologists?” Ancient Civilizations Review 46 (2010).