Suzie Hermán



Suzie Hermán studies Early Modern art and architecture under the supervision of professor Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann. Hermán’s dissertation research, titled The Art World of the Hanse: Traces, Places, and Institutions (15171648), considers the cultural legacy of Hanse merchants and diplomats. Her study makes insightful the ways in which Hansards commissioned and employed art, maps, and architecture to build their polity.

Hermán matriculated at the University of Amsterdam where she gained her Bachelor degree in the History of Art and a Research Master degree in Art Studies in conjunction with completing the honors program Art, Science, and Practice at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy. Her master thesis discussed the position of the art patronage of Cardinal Tamás Bakócz (1442–1521) in historiography, proposing to review his patronage from a pan-European perspective. In 2019–2020 she was a guest researcher at the Institute for History at Leiden University and in 2020–2021 the Andrew W. Mellon fellow at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Currently, she is guest researcher at Leiden University Centre for the Arts in Society.

Her research interests include: art collecting, the correlation between art, trade, and politics, historiography, maritime history, mercantile organizations (Hanse, VOC, WIC et al.), the interplay between art and knowledge making, cross-cultural and cross-regional interactions, and global art history. Hermán is also interested in contemporary art and before coming to Princeton she worked internationally as curator of exhibitions and public programs.

Early Modern Art