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Hazelton A.  2022.  Adam Hazelton '22.
Torres A.  2022.  Amy Torres '22.
Price B.  2022.  Anarchist Art and Cultures of Science in Fin-de-siècle France.
Root C.  2022.  Charlotte Root '22.
Meyer Eda Costa.  2022.  Dividing Paris: Urban Renewal and Social Inequality, 1852–1870.
Fox D.  2022.  Dylan Fox '22.
Okeke-Agulu C, Enwezor O.  2022.  El Anatsui. The Reinvention of Sculpture.
Henriksen N.  2022.  Figure as Cultural Form: The Art and ‘Archaeology’ of Asger Jorn, 1947–1973.
Miller J.  2022.  Fossils for a Future Time: David Smith and the Sculpting of Traces.
Alsdorf B.  2022.  Gawkers: Art and Audience in Late Nineteenth-Century France.
Sabitt C.  2022.  How a Tool Became a Treasure: Luxury Scissors and their Ornamentation in Early Modern Europe, c. 1500–1750.
Hilditch I.  2022.  Isabella Hilditch '22.
Lu J.  2022.  Javin Lu '22.
Yi L.  2022.  Lydia Yi '22.
Hamada M.  2022.  Maho Hamada '22.
Osei-Wusu M.  2022.  Michael Osei-Wusu '22.
Wilson M.  2022.  Miles Wilson '22.
Furlong N.  2022.  Ned Furlong '22.
Smith-Sangster E.  2022.  Non-royal Identity as Expressed in Northern Upper Egypt during the New Kingdom.
Champ N.  2022.  Norman Champ '22.
Nusbaum O.  2022.  Oliver Nusbaum '22.
Yamaguchi M.  2022.  Paintings, Bound: Printed Books of Pictures in Nineteenth-Century Japan.
Pek YSze.  2022.  Reality Expanded: The Work of Hito Steyerl, 1998–2015.
Rosenberg-Miller C.  2022.  Representing Difference: Painting and Performance in the Art of Jean-François Raffaëlli.
Gianolio S.  2022.  Rheno-Mosan treasure bindings 1150–1200 and their histories: the lives and afterlives of a type.