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Lopera D.  2019.  David Lopera '19.
Liu Y.  2019.  Essai sur l’architecture Chinoise: Late 18th-Century Jesuit Studies of China.
Cordsen G.  2019.  Grace Cordsen '19.
Klevorn H.  2019.  Helena Klevorn '19.
Wangensteen K.  2019.  Hyperborean Baroque: David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl (1628–98) and The Rhetoric of Style.
Musial A.  2019.  Immersion—Classical Reception and Eastern European Transformations of Hygiene in the Long Eighteenth Century (ca. 1680–1830).
Morcos ERafik.  2019.  Imperial Presence in the Villas of Roman Italy.
Womack J.  2019.  Independence Drop Pon We: The Art and Politics of Jamaica, 1958–1992.
Nieves I.  2019.  Isaiah Nieves '19.
Cury J.  2019.  Julia Cury '19.
Northrop K.  2019.  Kate Northrop '19.
Gregory K.  2019.  Kyra Gregory '19.
Ben R.  2019.  Leonardo and The Borgias.
Feng L.  2019.  Lloyd Feng '19.
Molson L.  2019.  Louisa Molson '19.
Su W.  2019.  Machines of Time, Towers of Knowledge: Miniature Architectural Spaces and the Design of Timepieces in Sino-Euro Encounters, Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century.
Collins ML.  2019.  MacLean Collins '19.
Pistone F.  2019.  Manuscript production in the Abbey of Fleury 798–1004.
Lansdowne J.  2019.  The Micromosaic of the Man of Sorrows at Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome.
Chatterjee S.  2019.  Naturing the Nation: Art and Design in India, 1870s–1970s.
Thompson P.  2019.  Pearl Thompson '19.
Ramos JRivero.  2019.  Poetics of Dissemination in Latin America (1960–1980).
Yuste-Golob R.  2019.  Rebecca Yuste-Golob '19.
Swanton R.  2019.  Richard Swanton '19.
Sanneh S.  2019.  Sanneh '19.