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Achenbaum A.  2012.  Amy Achenbaum '12.
Ackerman G.  1964.  The Structure of Lomazzo's Treatise on Painting.
Aksamija N.  2004.  Between Humanism and the Counter-Reformation: Villa and Villeggiatura in Renaissance Ragusa.
al-Salihi W.  1969.  The Sculptures of Divinities from Hatra.
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Allan S.  2007.  Gustave Moreau (1826–1898) and the Afterlife of French History Painting.
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Alsdorf B.  2012.  Fellow Men: Fantin-Latour and the Problem of the Group in Nineteenth-Century French Painting.
Alsdorf B.  2022.  Gawkers: Art and Audience in Late Nineteenth-Century France.
Ames A.  2022.  Senga Nengudi: Matter and Motherhood.
Amescua C.  2019.  Cody Amescua de la Cueva '19.
Amirahmadi K.  2016.  Kiana Amirahmadi '16.
Anderson J.  1976.  An Examination of Two Twelfth-Century Centers of Byzantine Manuscript Production.
Andres G.  1971.  The Villa Medici In Rome.
Andrioti M.  2010.  Cutting Out the Middleman: Cypriot Itinerant Sculptors in the Early Sixth Century BC.
Angelos M.  2014.  Meghan Angelos '14.
Antonaccio C.  1987.  The Archaeology of Early Greek "Hero Cult".
Apfelstadt E.  1987.  The Later Sculpture of Antonio Rossellino.
Arabindan-Kesson A.  2021.  Black Bodies, White Gold: Art, Cotton, and Commerce in the Atlantic World.
Armstrong C.  1985.  The Moralizing Prints of Cornelis Anthonisz.
Armstrong C.  1986.  Odd Man Out: Readings of the Work and Reputation of Edgar Degas.
Arrington N.  2015.  Ashes, Images, and Memories: The Presence of the War Dead in Fifth-Century Athens.
Arrington N.  2021.  Athens at the Margins: Pottery and People in the Early Mediterranean World.
Arris D.  2020.  Daniel Alexander Arris '20.
Aslanidou LMeropi.  2012.  Liliana Meropi Aslanidou '12.