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Stevens A.  2018.  Aaron Stevens '18.
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Hazelton A.  2022.  Adam Hazelton '22.
Locher A.  2017.  Adam Locher '17.
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Trkulja J.  2004.  Aesthetics and Symbolism of Late Byzantine Church Facades, 1204–1453.
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Teriba A.  2017.  Afro-Brazilian Architecture in Southwest Colonial Nigeria (1890s–1940s).
Kitzinger B, O'Driscoll J.  2019.  After the Carolingians: Manuscript Illumination in the 10-11th Centuries (Sense, Matter, and Medium) .
W. Kleinbauer E.  1967.  The Aisled Tetraconch.
Smalling A.  2012.  Aislinn Smalling '12.
Seiffert G.  2014.  The Album Format in Nanjing Painting, 1640–1680.
Metzler S.  1997.  The Alchemy of Drawing: Bartholomaus Spranger at the Court of Rudolf II.
Eiche S.  1983.  Alessandro Sforza and Pesaro: A Study in Urbanism and Architectural Patronage.
Quetell A.  2017.  Alex Quetell '17.
Castillon ASerna.  2021.  Alex Serna Castillon '21.
Fishman A.  2020.  Alexa Faye Fishman '20.
Deland A.  2021.  Alexander Deland '21.
Patton A.  2014.  Alexander Patton '14.
Epps A.  2012.  Alexandra Epps '12.
Foster A.  2017.   Alexis Foster '17.