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Toward a Performative Realism: Art in France, 1957–1963
The Life of the Basilica of San Paolo fuori le Mura in Rome: Architectural Renovations from the Ninth to the Nineteenth Centuries
The Water Supply of Ancient Athens from 3000 to 86 B.C.
The Frescoes of Pietro Da Cortona in the Palazzo Pitti and Related Problems
The Loess Highland in a Trading Network
Bronze Cultures in the Middle Yangtze River Valley (C. 1500–1000 BCE)
Small-Size Painting and Its Viewership in Southern Song Dynasty China, 1127–1279
Early Medieval Ivory Carvings
XUL Solar and the Argentinian Avant-Garde: Language, Body, Technology, Sociability
The Lives of Shtôtoku: Narrative Art and Ritual in Medieval Japan
The Architecture of English Theatres: 1760–1860
Sculpture from the Necropolis of Taranto
The Utopian Vision of Moholy-Nagy: Technology, Society, and the Avant-Garde; An Analysis of the Writings of Moholy-Nagy on the Visual Arts
The Image of the Artist: Roles and Guises in Rembrandt's Self-Portraits
Naturing the Nation: Art and Design in India, 1870s–1970s
"The Goddess of the Lo River": A Study of Early Chinese Narrative Handscrolls
The Lycian City-Reliefs and Their Mediterranean Traditions
Icons of Rulership: Imperial Portraiture During the Ming Dynasty (1368–1644)
Juxtaposing Brushes: Painting Collaborations in Early Modern Japan
Reaching "Peach Blossom Spring": Poetry and Painting in Fifteenth-Century Japan and Korea
In Quest of the Primordial Line: The Genesis and Content of Tao Chi's Hua-Yu-Lu
The Chung Yu (A.D. 151–230) Tradition: A Pivotal Development in Sung Calligraphy
Picturing the Afterlife: The Shōjūraigōji Six Paths Scrolls and Salvation in Medieval Japan
Joseph Maria Olbrich and Vienna
The Master of Morgan 453, an Illuminator in Paris and Amiens, 1415–1440
Images of the Plague and Other Contemporary Events in Seventeenth-Century Naples
Pirro Ligorio and the Villa d'Este
Lines of Utility: Outlines, Architecture, and Design in Britain, c. 1800
Benvenuto Cellini and the Act of Sculpture
Studies in Lorraine Art, ca. 1580–ca. 1625
French Eighteenth Century Drawings: Studies in Theory and Practice
The Photographic Reportage of Henri Cartier-Bresson, 1933–1973
The History and Decoration of the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice
Siculo-Arabic Painted Ivories of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
The Still-Life Paintings of Vincent van Gogh and Their Context
Ancient Egypt and Egyptian Antiquities in Italian Renaissance Art and Culture
Sir Christopher Wren's City Churches: A Critical Reappraisal