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Word and Image in Architectural Treatises of the Italian Renaissance
Victor Regnault, Louis Robert, and Photography at the Manufacture Impériale de Porcelaine de Sèvres, 1845–1865
The Trade in Antiquities between Italy and the Eastern Mediterranean (ca. 1400–1600)
The Photographic Railway Albums of Edouard-Denis Baldus
Studies on the Early Traditions of the Oresteia Legend in Art and Literature with Related Studies on the Suicide of Ajax
Francis Bacon: The Early and Middle Years, 1928–1958
ÁUDIO-VISUAL: The Slide as Medium In Brazilian Art
The Merchants of Venice: A Study in Sixteenth-Century Cittadino Patronage
Tunisia, 1940–1970: The Spatial Politics of Reconstruction, Decolonization, and Development
Nicolas Poussin and the Natural Order
The Iconography of the Full-Page Miniatures of the Benedictional of Aethelwold
The Polychromatic Ceramics of Centuripe
Pietro Lorenzetti
Chance and Design: Experimentation in Art at Black Mountain College
Drawing from Architecture: The Conceptual Methods of Sol LeWitt's Art, 1965–1980
A Rule Without Measure: Michelangelo Buonarroti’s Afterlife in French Painting 1814–1837
The Art of War: Battle Paintings of New Spain, 1665–1714
Media and the Politics of Satire in the Art of Honoré Daumier
Language, Body, World: The Art of Hans Bellmer