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Beyond Mimesis in Greek Religious Art: Aniconism in the Archaic and Classical Periods
The Pedimental Sculptures from Olympia and the Oresteia of Aeschylus: Studies in Uses of the Visual
The Illustrations of the Liturgical Homilies of Gregory of Nazianzus
The Role of Central Planning in English Romanesque Chapter House Design
Jakob Tuggener: Photographs 1926–1956
Glorious Pulpits: Flemish Preekstoelen, 1650–1750
Leonardo da Vinci and the Art of Water
The Parma Baptistery and Its Pictorial Program
Rheno-Mosan Treasure Bindings 1150–1200 and their Histories: The Lives and Afterlives of a Type
Studies in Quattrocento Tuscan Wooden Sculpture
A French Maecenas in the Roman Quatttrocento: The Patronage of Cardinal Guillaume D'Estouteville (1439–1483)
Filarete at the Papal Court: Sculpture, Ceremony, and the Antique in Early Renaissance Rome
Rubens and the Counter-Reformation: Studies in His Religious Paintings between 1609 and 1620
Tombs and Burials in Churches and Monasteries of Byzantine Palestine (324-628 A.D.)
"The most beautiful Punchinelli in the world": A comprehensive study of the Punchinello Drawings of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo
The Augustan Honorific Altar: Its Emergence, Monumentalization, and Eclipse
Niccolo and Piero Lamberti
The Drawings of Domenico Beccafumi
Church Architecture in New France
Old Testament Cycles of Illustration in the English Psalter in Munich, Clm. 835
Confronting the Past in the Critical Third Century
Lettrism’s "aesthetic element"
Photo-Realist Painting
"According to the Polish Sky and Customs": Theories of Architecture and Art in Early Modern Poland