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Palladio and the Baths of Trajan Decius: The Recovery of a Third-Century Bath Complex in Rome
Evidence in Context: The Public and Funerary Monuments of the Seviri Augustales at Ostia
Themes from St. John's Gospel in Early Roman Catacomb Painting
The Eucharides Painter and His Place in the Athenian Potters' Quarter
The Micromosaic of the Man of Sorrows at Santa Croce in Gerusalemme in Rome
Provençal Baptisteries: Early Christian Origins and Medieval Afterlife
A “Sublime Art”: Akinola Lasekan and Colonial Modernism in Nigeria
Studies in the Career of Skopas
Asher Brown Durand: His Art and Art Theory in Relation to His Times
Attic Document Reliefs of the Classical and Hellenistic Periods: Their History, Development, and Use
Precisionism in the Long 1920s
The Villa Lante at Bagnaia
Images of Political Triumph: Donatello's Iconography of Heroes
Sculpture's Condition | Conditions of Publicness: Isa Genzken and Thomas Hirschhorn
Ancient Conceptions of the Body and the Canon of Polykleitos
Moscow Conceptualism and ‘Shimmering’: Authority, Anarchism, and Space
The Revenge of Ahriman: Images of Dīvs in the Shāhnāma, ca. 1300–1600
The Histories of Greek Cult Statues outside of Ritual
Figures and Things: Charles Demuth, 1907–1935
The Art of the Bamboccianti
Jukoin: Art, Architecture, and Mortuary Culture at a Japanese Zen Buddhist Temple
A Canonical Work of an Uncanonical Era: Re-reading the Chapel of Saint Ignatius (1695-1699) in the Gesù of Rome
Local Depictions of the Foreign Other in Late Ming and Early Qing China
Mirrors from 500–200 BC Middle Yangzi Region: Design and Manufacture
The Church Monuments of Sir Francis Chantrey, R.A.
The Persistent Past: Refoundations in Sicily and Magna Graecia in the 5th and 4th Centuries BCE
Navigating Floating Worlds: Curatorial Strategies in Contemporary Chinese Art 1979–2008
Aegidius Sadeler (c.1570–1629): Drawings, Prints, and Art Theory
The Proliferation of Images: Ink-stick Designs and Printing of the Fang-Shih Mo-P'U and the C'heng-Shih Mo-Yuan
Symbolism and the Third Republic: Tradition as Avant-Garde, 1871–1915
The Birth of Japanese Painting History: Kanō Artists, Authors, and Authenticators of the Seventeenth Century
Natural Disaster in the Atlantic World: Aesthetics, Delight, and Risk during the Long Eighteenth Century
The Prehistory of the Middle and Lower Changjiang Region
The Ch'ing Dynasty Wen-Yuan-Ko Imperial Library: Architecture and the Ordering of Knowledge
Between Perception and Expression: The Codex Coner and the Genre of Architectural Sketchbooks
Essai sur l’architecture Chinoise: Late 18th-Century Jesuit Studies of China
From Indemnity to Integration: Economic Decline in Late Hellenistic Aitolia
The Miniatures of the Trial in the Rossano Gospels
Hybrid Monuments: Hybridity, Biology, and Architecture in Mid-Nineteenth Century France
Jacomart Baco and Johan Rexach: A Study of Valencian Painting in the Quattrocento
A New Imperial Style of Calligraphy: Stone Engravings in Northern Wei Luoyang, 494–534
"Ein Liebhaber aller freyen khünst": Bonifaz Wolmut and the Architecture of the European Renaissance