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The Use of Statues in the Eighteenth-Century English Landscape Garden
Architectural Agency and the Construction of Athenian Democracy
"Definite Means": Hans Arp's Cut-Outs, 1911–1930
The MARS Group: Going Modern in Britain, 1933–1957
Warriors, Youths, and Tripods: The Visual Poetics of Power in Geometric and Early Archaic Greece
The Church of the Virgin of Skripou: Architecture, Sculpture, and Inscriptions in Ninth-Century Byzantium
The Gynaikonitis: The (Un) Gendered Greek House
(Ad)dressing the Gods: Fashioning Identity through the Divine in the Roman Empire
The Crisis of Sculpture in Weimar Germany: Rudolph Belling, the Bauhaus, Naum Gabo
William Rimmer: Teaching Art
The Early Life of John Neagle, Philadelphia Portrait Painter
THE INVENTION OF ATMOSPHERE: An Inquiry into an Art Critical Term and its Application to the Effects of Ancient Art
“Living Pictures”: Pictorialist Photography and the Illustration of Fiction
Reality Expanded: The Work of Hito Steyerl, 1998–2015
Anton Raphael Mengs and Neoclassicism: His Art, His Influence and His Reputation
The Lost-Wax Casting in Bronze Age China: Art, Technology, and Social Agency
Orders of Elaboration: Wendel Dietterlin and the Architectura
A Study of the Transition from Hand-Produced to Printed Images in the Late Middle Ages: A Middle Dutch Prayer Book on the Life and Passion of Christ (Kortrijk, SB. MS. 26)
The Barberini Mosaic: Sunt Hominum Animaliumque Complures Imagines
The Illuminated Yaysmawurk‘i:Ottoman-Armenian Painting and Confessionalism in the Age of Print
Manuscript production in the Abbey of Fleury 798–1004
Pinctor et Presbiter: Structures of Meaning in Giovanni Canavesio's Passion Cycle at Notre-Dame des Fontaines, La Brigue (1492)
Color after Mimesis: Odilon Redon and the Development of Arbitrary Color in Symbolist Painting, 1888–1905
The Sculptural Prop and the Activation of the Object, 1960–1979
The Bronze Doors of the Abbey of Monte Cassino and of St. Paul's, Rome
John Soane's Architectural Education 1753–1780
Anarchist Art and Cultures of Science in Fin-de-siècle France
The Belltowers of Medieval Rome and the Architecture of Renovatio
Winslow Homer's Drawings in "Black and White," c. 1875–1885