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The Hellenistic and Roman Tableware of North Syria
The Marian Miracle Paintings of Alessandro Varotari (il Padovanino, 1588–1649): Popular Piety and Painted Proslytizing in Seventeenth-Century Venice
Angelica Kauffman
The Figure Paintings of Salvator Rosa
Federico Barocci: Anima Naturaliter
A Measured Harvest: Grain, Tithes, and Territories in Hellenistic and Roman Sicily (276–31 BCE)
Writing and the State in Early China in Comparative Perspective
Hyperborean Baroque: David Klöcker Ehrenstrahl (1628–98) and The Rhetoric of Style
Medieval Church Vaulting
Intersections of Art and Literature of the Silesian Baroque: Studies on the Works of Matthias Rauchmiller, Daniel Casper von Lohenstein, Michael Willmann, and Johannes Scheffler (Angelus Silesius)
The Art of the Ensemble: The Tsukubusuma Sanctuary, 1570–1615
The Labors of the Months
Mortuary Chapels of Renaissance Condottieri
Roman Delphi and Its Pythian Games
Murayama, Mavo, and Modernity: Constructions of the Modern in Taishō Avant-Garde Art
Dressed Up and Pasted Down: Stage Photography in the Victorian Album
Aristocratizing the Community: Roger Fenton and British Photography in the 1850's
The Early Career of Piet Mondrian: The "Naturalistic" Periods
Kano Shoei
Remains: Animal Matter as Art in Early Modern Kunstkammern
Hagne Thea: A Study of Sicilian Demeter
Chang Tse-Tuan's Ch'ing-Ming Shang-Ho T'u
Fashioning Fictions in Photographs: The World of George Hoyningen-Huene
The Architecture of Islamic Iran: The Il Khanid Period
Vincenzo Borghini and Vasari's Lives
Early Russian Art, 14th–16th Centuries: A Study in Moods
Building Faith: Ethiopian Art and Architecture During the Jesuit Interlude, 1557–1632
Collaboration in Painting Practice: Notions of Individuality and Quality in Chinese Art
Soldiers, Sharps and Shills: Richard Caton Woodville and Antebellum Genre Painting
Robert Adam and Essential Architecture: Minimal, Geometric, and Primitive Modes of Architectural Expression
Independence Drop Pon We: The Art and Politics of Jamaica, 1958–1992
The Medici Villa at Olmo a Castello: Its History and Iconography
Kung Hsien
Metamorphosis of Form and Meaning: Ink Bird-and-Flower Screens in Muromachi Japan