Junkspace with Running Room

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In Junkspace (2001), architect Rem Koolhaas itemized in delirious detail how our cities are being overwhelmed. His celebrated jeremiad is here updated and twinned with Running Room, a fresh response from architectural critic Hal Foster...“The manifesto is a modernist mode, one that looks to the future . . .  Junkspace makes no such claim: ‘Architecture disappeared in the twentieth century,’ states Koolhaas matter-of-factly. Junkspace does a harder thing: it ‘foretells’ the present, which is to say that it calls on us to recognize what is already everywhere around us.”—Hal Foster

Is there a future for architecture? If so, it might begin with the meditations—by turns elegant and frantic—of Rem Koolhaas and Hal Foster: “even if there is no outside to Junkspace, there is still running room to be made in its cracks. . . .”

“Junkspace is the new flamboyant, flexible, forgettable face of architecture, rendered by Rem Koolhaas in a visceral and rampantly analytical essay.”—Office for Metropolitan Architecture

What is Junkspace? “. . . a fuzzy empire of blur, fusing high and low, public and private, straight and bent, bloated and starved” . . . “smooth, all-inclusive, continuous, warped, busy, atrium-ridden” . . . “the product of an encounter between escalator and air-conditioning” . . . “like being condemned to a perpetual Jacuzzi with millions of your best friends” . . . “this inferno of the neutral.”

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