How to Apply


How to apply:

  • Requests for grants should be submitted on an application form available on the Department of Art and Archaeology website. All applications for grants should be as fully detailed and supported as for a grant application to an outside funding agency. For current staff these forms should be completed and submitted to the Chair/Director/Head of your department for endorsement. The Chair must provide a full statement of support explaining why the project should be funded. Requests without the Chair’s recommendation will not be considered by the Committee. For former graduate students, a recommendation from their current chair or their former advisor is acceptable.
  • The completed manuscript should be with the press at the time of the request. Applications for a subvention must include: (1) a cover letter from the publisher detailing the request for the subvention including a specific amount and what enhancements will be made with the funding; (2) a detailed and completed budget showing costs with and without the subvention submitted on the Barr Ferree Budget Request Form available on the Department of Art and Archaeology website; and (3) two readers’ reports. Applications without the publisher’s budget information will not be considered.
  • No repayment is required from royalties to authors. In rare cases when the subvention is higher than $25,000 and the print run is 3,000 or higher, the publisher is expected to repay the subvention from the income on sales. Repayment will not be required for runs of less than 3,000.
  • Every book/CD/DVD published by aid from the fund shall carry this statement on its title page: Publication is made possible in part by a grant from the Barr Ferree Foundation Publication Fund, Department of Art and Archaeology, Princeton University.
  • The subvention for funded projects will be paid directly to the press upon submission to the Department of Art and Archaeology of a final invoice and two copies of the published book/CD/DVD. The Department will refer all materials to the Associate Librarian for Reference and Collection Development to determine whether the University wishes ultimate possession.

Any application that fails to meet the above guidelines will be returned. Any questions about the Committee, its procedures, or the eligibility of specific projects should be directed to Maureen Killeen, Department Manager, Department of Art and Archaeology (, 609-258-3772).