Current Lectures

October 5, 2017
Sheramy BundrickUniversity of South Florida St. PetersburgThe Thompson Lecture

The Lost Lives of Greek Vases

4:30 PM ∙ 106 McCormick Hall

Cosponsor: Archaeological Institute of America
October 12, 2017
Roundtable DiscussionProgram in Archaeology

Archaeology and the Early Japanese State
“State Formation and the Introduction of Buddhism to Japan: An Archaeological Perspective”

Tetsuro Hishida ∙ Kyoto Prefectural University

“Center and Periphery in Early State Formation in Japan”

Ken’ichi Sasaki ∙ Meiji University

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12:00 PM - 1:20 PM ∙ 103 McCormick Hall

Cosponsor: East Asian Studies
October 14, 2017

The Index at 100: 
Iconography In A New Century

101 McCormick Hall


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October 20, 2017
Antonis KotsonasUniversity of CincinnatiProgram in Archaeology

Cultural Histories of “Orientalizing” Crete

1:30-4:20 PM ∙  McCormick 104

Open to Princeton faculty and graduate students only
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October 20–21, 2017
Department of Art & Archaeology Symposium

Rethinking “Pictorialism”: American Art and Photography from 1895 to 1925

101 McCormick Hall

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White, Morning by Clarence White-784084cr
October 24, 2017
Maryan AinsworthRobert Janson-La Palme *76 Visiting Professor Lectures & Conferences

Unraveling the Mysteries of Jan van Eyck’s Late Paintings

5:00 PM ∙ 101 McCormick Hall

November 14, 2017
Ioli KalavrezouHarvard UniversityThe Kurt Weitzmann Lecture

Imperial Visual Propaganda: Claims of Legitimacy in the Byzantine Paris Psalter

5:00 PM ∙ 101 McCormick Hall

November 30, 2017 –
December 2, 2017

After the Carolingians: Manuscript Illumination in the 10-11th Centuries

The meeting convenes contributors to an edited volume, and will be workshop-style. If interested in attending please contact Beatrice Kitzinger for pre-circulated material.
NOTE: Friday, Dec. 1 is a study day for the speakers and the talks are only on Thursday and Saturday. 
Cosponsored by Committee for the Study of Late Antiquity, the Humanities Council, the Center for the Study of Religion, and Medieval Studies
December 11, 2017
Mary RobertsUniversity of Sydney

Courting Failure in the Arab Hall

12:00 PM-1:30 PM ∙ Green Hall, 2N10

February 8, 2018
Pamela LeeStanford University

Pattern Recognition, circa 1947

4:30 PM ∙ 106 McCormick Hall

February 15, 2018
Wu HungUniversity of Chicago

A Short History of “Black Painting” (Hei hua):
A Counter Tradition in Chinese Art

4:30 PM ∙ 101 McCormick Hall

Cosponsor: Tang Center for East Asian Art
February 23–24, 2018
WorkshopOpen to Princeton faculty and students onlyProgram in Archaeology

Postclassicisms: Archaeology

Participants Include: Brooke Holmes, Joshua Billings, Dan-el Padilla Peralta

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March 1, 2018
Ivan DrpićUniversity of Pennsylvania

The Heart's Double

4:30 PM ∙ 106 McCormick Hall

March 5, 2018
Caroline GoodsonUniversity of CambridgeThe Clayburgh Lecture

Urban Gardening in Early Medieval Italy

4:30 PM ∙ 106 McCormick Hall

Cosponsor: Archaeological Institute of America and the Program in Medieval Studies
March 8, 2018
Michael ThimannUniversity of Göttingen

Raphael’s Nature

4:30 PM ∙ 106 McCormick Hall

Vgl. Abb. 2 Kat.   52_Thimann_Raffael
March 27, 2018
Jean-Louis CohenInstitute of Fine Arts NYU

Title TBA

5:00 PM ∙ 101 McCormick Hall

March 29, 2018
Guy HedreenWilliams College

On the magnitude of the gods in materialist theology, epic poetry, and Greek art

4:30 PM ∙ 106 McCormick Hall

April 9, 2018
T. J. ClarkUniversity of California, Berkeley

Title TBD

5:00 PM ∙ 101 McCormick Hall

Cosponsor: Department of Spanish and Portuguese
April 12, 2018
Wade CattsPrincipal, South River Heritage Consulting, LLCProgram in Archaeology

“The bullets flew about our ears like handfuls of gravel stones”
Archaeology and the Preservation of Battlefields of the American War of Independence

4:30 PM ∙ 106 McCormick Hall

Cosponsor: Archaeological Institute of America
April 19, 2018
Avinoam ShalemColumbia University

Mecca’s Perspective as Symbolic Form

4:30 PM ∙ 106 McCormick Hall

April 27, 2018
Helen J. EvansThe Metropolitan Museum of ArtThe Elizabeth S. Ettinghausen Lecture

Islamic Art, Armenian Art: Connections across Religions

4:30 PM ∙ 106 McCormick Hall

Cosponsor: Archaeological Institute of America