Elizabeth S. Ettinghausen Lecture

A special lecture in honor of Elizabeth S. Ettinghausen has been established by the Princeton Society of the Archaeological Institute of America.

Dr. Ettinghausen received her Ph.D. in 1943 after studies in her native Vienna and at Istanbul University. She held a post-doctoral fellowship at Dumbarton Oaks from 1943 to 1945. Her principal archaeological field work was at Aphrodisias in Turkey, where she was on staff from 1979 to 1985. Her many publications center on the metalwork and textiles of the Islamic world. She served as president of the Princeton Society of the Archaeological Institute of America, as a trustee of the Textile Museum in Washington, on the visiting committee of the Islamic Department of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, on the collection committee of the Harvard University Art Museums, and as a docent at the Princeton University Art Museum.

In keeping with Dr. Ettinghausen's research interests, the lectureship focuses on the art and archaeology of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Near East, from the pre-classical through the medieval periods. The Ettinghausen Lecture is held annually for the AIA Princeton Society; the Lecturer is chosen annually by the Society and approved by the AIA Lecture Program Committee.


February 5, 2021
Jodi MagnessUniversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

More than Just Mosaics: The Ancient Synagogue at Huqoq in Israel's Galilee

4:30 p.m. Online Lecture

Register: http://bit.ly/More-than-Just-Mosaics

Cosponsor: Archaeological Institute of America (AIA) and Program in Archaeology
feb5_MG_6138-Huqoq mosaic


March 2, 2020
Andrea de GiorgiFlorida State University

Urban Renewal and Recovery: The Case of Antioch on the Orontes

4:30pm ∙ 106 McCormick Hall

Andrea de Giorgi Mar. 2 image
February 15, 2019
Marcus MilwrightUniversity of Victoria

Architecture, Ornament and the Qur'an Fragments from the Mosque of San'a' in Yemen

4:30 pm ∙ 106 McCormick Hall

Cosponsor: Archaeological Institute of America
April 27, 2018
Helen J. EvansThe Metropolitan Museum of Art

Islamic Art, Armenian Art: Connections across Religions

4:30 PM ∙ Scheide Caldwell House, Room 103

Cosponsor: Archaeological Institute of America
March 15, 2017
Stefan HeidemannHamburg University

Agents of Changes in the Material Culture of the Empire: Technical and Aesthetical Innovations at the Abbasid Court