Dean for Research Innovation Funds awarded to highly exploratory projects

March 27, 2017

The Office of the Dean of Research has announced collaborative research initiatives in several departments. M. Taylor Pyne Professor of Art and Archaeology, Michael Koortbojian will be working with civil and environmental engineering associate professor, Branko Glišić, "to reconstruct and preserve sites of cultural heritage, researchers will create new methods for studying heritage structures using technologies including ground-penetrating radar, 3-D modeling and virtual reality," with graduate students Isabel Morris and Rebecca Naplitano.  

The Peter Jay Sharp, Class of 1952, Curator and Lecturer in the Art of the Ancient Americas, Bryan Just, will team up with Satish Myneni, professor of geosciences, and Catherine Ivanovich, Class of 2017, "to study how widespread arsenic poisoning was among the Maya people."