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Five Art and Archaeology Ph.D.s Honored in Hooding Ceremony

June 14, 2019

Five Art and Archaeology Ph.D.s Honored in Hooding Ceremony

The Department of Art and Archaeology congratulates its five new Ph.D. recipients, who were honored in a hooding ceremony on Monday, June 3.

The gowns and hoods worn as part of traditional academic regalia trace their history to medieval Europe, when heavy woolen robes were necessities in the cold, stone university halls. Hoods distinguish the wearer both by rank and academic discipline. Each hood is bordered by a velvet band in the color assigned to the academic discipline in which the degree is granted: blue for philosophy (as in doctor of philosophy, or Ph.D.), peacock blue for public affairs, gold for engineering, white for arts and letters, brown for architecture, and light brown for finance. The hood lining shows the colors of the degree-granting university—at Princeton, orange with a black chevron.

Professor Anne McCauley, the David Hunter McAlpin Professor of the History of Photography and Modern Art, performed the hoodings on behalf of the department. The advanced degree recipients were honored Monday, and their degrees were formally awarded at Princeton's 272nd Commencement on Tuesday, June 4.