Koortbojian Appointed M. Taylor Pyne Professor of Art and Archaeology

July 1, 2014

The department’s Professor Michael Koortbojian has been named M. Taylor Pyne Professor of Art and Archaeology. The Pyne Professorship was established in 1913 by a gift from Moses Taylor Pyne, a member of the Class of 1877 and a trustee of Princeton University from 1885 to 1921. Koortbojian is the seventh Princeton faculty member to hold the chair since its inception. An expert on ancient Roman art, he has published on Roman sarcophagi, the relationships between texts and images, the role of historical imagery as an aspect of ideology, as well as the rise of the systematic study of the Classical past, and, in particular, the early collecting of ancient inscriptions as an aspect of a new Renaissance conception of historical method. His most recent book is The Divinization of Caesar and Augustus: Precedents, Consequences, Implications (Cambridge University Press, 2013).