300 Years in a Convent, 50 in Hollywood | In Celebration of Filipino American History Month

Wednesday, October 6, 2021, 4:30 pm6:30 pm
Colab in the Lewis Arts Complex (Forum Level)



Event Description

Cosponsor(s): Program in American Studies; Program in Asian American Studies; Department of Art and Archaeology; and Lewis Center for the Arts


Following a walk-through of the exhibition, Nadal will facilitate discussion between curator and professor Patrick Flores of the University of the Philippines and the NExSE (Northeast by Southeast) Artist Collective, a collaboration of Filipino-American artists, including Julio Austria, Jeho Bitancor, Mic Diño Boekelmann, Francis Estrada, Ben Iluzada, Ged Merino, Eva Marie Solangon, Maria Stabio. This exhibition is the result of collaborative engagement between artists in the collective and Patrick Flores’ essay “Movement.” Panelists will discuss the works of the individual artists, the commonalities they share, and the reckoning of U.S. colonial history in this particular contemporary moment.

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