A&A Graduate Students Tour PUAM Construction Site

March 30, 2023

A&A graduate students recently got a close look at the Princeton University Art Museum’s construction site on a tour organized by A&A graduate student Alexandra Germer with PUAM’s Associate Director for Collections and Exhibitions Chris Newth and Andrew W. Mellon Curator of Academic Engagement Janna Israel. 

“Chris led us around the perimeter of the building, and we were amazed at how well we could get a sense of the new museum's layout and structure just from the building’s skeleton alone,” said Germer.

First year A&A graduate student Jenica Brown said, “The tour was wonderful. As a student who never saw the prior museum, I was able to feel more connected to the complex, as Chris Newth and Janna Israel gave a real sense of the project's scope and design, including its potential to become a central gathering space on campus.”

Students stand at fence looking into PUAM construction site

Photo/Mathilde Sauquet

Second year graduate student Sofia Hernandez agreed “The tour brought to life the new building and its design. Before the tour, I had walked by the construction site most days, with no sense of what art would go where,” she said. “It is exciting to begin to imagine the space filled with art and people.”

Mathilde Sauquet, 3rd year A&A graduate student said “I really enjoyed how the curators not only explained how the building would work on the inside, but also highlighted for us the many ways in which it will coexist in conversation with the existing structures surrounding it. It's great to see that many of the sightlines will be preserved, for example, and that there will be several entrances and footpaths running through the museum for people coming from all over campus. I was also really excited to hear that some of the galleries might be open in the evenings!”

Students and PUAM staff sit around long table

Photo/Mathilde Sauquet

After the tour, Newth and Israel discussed the museum's curatorial and educational plans and responded to students’ questions. “The curators were very generous with their time and knowledge,” said Sauquet. “The vibrant and convivial Q&A after the visit made it clear that graduate students and curators look forward to having more collaborative opportunities in the future.” PUAM plans to hold regular site tours moving forward, especially for next fall’s incoming A&A graduate students.