Coming Fall 2023 – ART 203: “Roman Art”

Aug. 29, 2023

“In recent years, excavations in and around Rome – whether deliberate digging by archaeologists or accidental discoveries in the course of new building projects – have brought to light, monthly if not weekly, new works of sculpture, architecture, and painting. These discoveries remind us that the past does not always stay buried and forgotten, but sometimes emerges, serendipitously, into our modern world to engage us in new and profound ways. We’ll explore the Roman past in all of its artistic and architectural forms, and attempt to understand this most significant aspect of our cultural heritage.”

– Professor Michael Koortbojian

ART 203: “Roman Art” provides a general introduction to Roman art. It discusses various artistic media – portraiture, historical relief, etc. – and highlights important works. The goal is an attempt to understand the significance of the imagery that the Romans produced, which embellished all aspects of their world - that is, to understand the role of artworks in the Romans' lived experience.