Coming Spring 2024: ART 425/EAS 425 “The Japanese Print”

Nov. 13, 2023

If ever there was a perfect time to take "The Japanese Print," it’s this spring when Professor Andrew Watsky teaches it for the last time before retiring. You’ll not only learn the formal, technical aspects of Japanese woodblock prints and examine their connection to literature but also dive into a variety of subject matter like the “floating world” of the brothel districts and theatre. Not least, you’ll help Professor Watsky choose one print to purchase for the Museum’s collection, as your predecessors did for the acquisition of the pictured print.

"ART 425 allows the students and me to study eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Japanese prints in ideal circumstances, working with the Art Museum’s excellent collection of these prints in Firestone’s study room. Our sessions will center on readings around each week’s theme and then viewing related prints, in person and up close. In all my courses, I have always prioritized the study of actual works of art, and with the Museum closed for reconstruction, this course is even more precious to me because we will have the same access to the original prints that we have when the Museum is open.” – Professor Andy Watsky, Instructor