Coming Spring 2024: HUM 328/ENG 270/ART 396 “Language to Be Looked At”

Nov. 11, 2023

Learn to look at language and to read art—not to mention creating works of your own. You’ll examine language and visual art in modernist and avant-garde experiments of the 20th and 21st centuries using methods drawn from art history, literary studies, history, philosophy, and art practice. You’ll also have the special opportunity to participate in a symposium and a concrete poetry workshop using typewriters tied to the upcoming exhibition Ulises Carrión: Bookworks and Beyond, co-curated by recent A&A Ph.D. graduate Javier Rivero Ramos and Princeton University Library Metadata Librarian Sal Hamerman.


“Poetry is not something that lives solely on the page, but it also has an interesting structural relationship to that page…and students, too, can be practitioners.” —Professor Irene Small, Instructor