Course Highlights

Learning from Collections: Behind the Scenes at the Met

Students from ART 369/EAS 386: “The Arts and Archaeology of the Chinese Court “ and ART 493/EAS 493: “Narrative and Visuality in China,“ co-taught by Department of Art & Archaeology's Cheng-hua Wang with Chao-Hui Jenny Liu and Paize Keulemans from the Department of East Asian Studies, respectively, had the incredible opportunity to examine…

Course Highlight: ART 430
ART 430: "Medieval Art: The Icon"

Professor Charlie Barber’s ART 430 seminar on the icon examines devotional panel paintings from literally every angle.  The course explores the function, theory and meaning of the icon and traces its history and impact through to modernism.

On a recent visit to…

Course Highlight: ART 485
ART 485: “Making Exhibitions: 17th-Century Flemish Paintings at Princeton"

What goes into developing an exhibition proposal for an Art Museum?  Students in Ronni Baer’s course ART 485: “Making Exhibitions: 17th-Century Flemish Paintings at Princeton,” will spend the fall semester learning every facet, with the Art Museum’s 17th-century…

Course Highlight: ART 562
Art 562: “Science and Its Fictions in the Long Nineteenth Century” 

Intrigue, falsehood, and revelation hover where science and the humanities intersect - and art often bears witness.  Professor Rachael DeLue’s graduate seminar Art 562: “Science and Its Fictions in the Long Nineteenth Century” explores this intersection in the…

Course Highlight: ART 106

Princeton home page highlights Art& Archaeology's "Looking Lab: Experiments in Visual Thinking and Thinking About Visuals" led by department lecturer, and recent Ph.D., Lucy Partman.

Course Highlight: CLA 247

From the Medieval Studies article titled Smeltin' In the Rain: A daylong demonstration of medieval-style smelting, the workshop showcased an iron-producing technique that began in the Iron Age, persisted through the Classical World and the Middle Ages to Colonial America. It is also a tradition that has been intentionally preserved by smiths in…

FRS165 Archaeology as History

The transition to online teaching this fall went very well for the hands-on experiential freshman seminar FRS165 Archaeology as History.

I first taught this course in the fall of 2018, with support from the Humanities Council and the Council on Science and Technology. The course gives incoming Princeton undergraduates a look at how…