Mark Guiducci ’10: From A&A to Vogue

Jan. 30, 2023

His B.A. in art & archaeology has paved a glamorous career path for Mark Guiducci ’10, who is, today, the Creative Editorial Director at Vogue.  Guiducci draws a direct line between his current position and its roots in A&A: “My thesis adviser Bridget Alsdorf encouraged us to analyze clothes as much as any other part of an artwork. And she introduced me to [fashion and art historian] Anne Hollander, whose work still informs how I think about fashion.” His thesis was titled “Monophobia: Self and Sitter in the Art of Giovanni Boldini.” 

No day is typical in Guiducci’s role, for which he is grateful. He dedicates his day to helping editors “tell stories in ways that make sense for contemporary audiences around the world,” adding,  “these days, that takes more than strong fashion imagery.”  While time zones represent his greatest hurdles, the global nature and impact of his role drive him. “I get to help imagine what Vogue could be in the future, globally,” he said.

Guiducci’s decision to major in A&A was quite straightforward: “I studied Art History because I loved it, and knew I’d regret any other choice.”  Following graduation, he initially worked at Condé Nast, expecting eventually to pursue a career as a curator or gallerist.  But when he resigned from Vogue in 2015 to begin his M.A. at the Courtauld Institute in London, his path unexpectedly refused to turn.  “In my exit interview, I said that I’d welcome the chance to write about art for the magazine someday,” he said.  “That was a Tuesday. On Wednesday, I became Vogue’s Arts Reporter, and I never went back to school.”

“My Art & Archaeology education still shapes the way I approach anything visual, professionally or otherwise,” Guiducci said.  If you’re an undergraduate student considering concentrating in A&A, Guiducci leaves you with this thought: “I know more successful people who studied Art & Archaeology than Econ majors.”

“My Art & Archaeology education still shapes the way I approach anything visual, professionally or otherwise.”